A certain little Prince has caused production to go into overdrive at Early Days!

Children’s clothes rarely steal headlines and create shopping frenzies in the way red-carpet dresses and accessories can – but one baby boy’s outfits were always going to be the exception. Every time Prince George is filmed or photographed, whether it’s held in his parents’ arms, enjoying himself on tour Down Under or celebrating his first birthday last month, the race is on to identify the brands the future King is wearing.

When he was seen wearing Early Days Alex shoes in April this year, demand for these lovely T-bar pram shoes from the Leather Collection, along with others in the catalogue, went through the roof. The Alex design certainly reflects the classic but contemporary style that has always been chosen for Prince George. And, of course, Early Days shoes have been proudly made in Britain since 1952 – the year the Queen came to the throne. Surely the perfect fit for young Royalty!

With the huge media coverage that accompanied Prince George turning one in July, orders for Early Days styles soared again, quickly exceeding the maximum capacity of the company’s production line in Leicester.

The Early Days management acted immediately, launching an ongoing recruitment campaign to bring additional skilled staff on board, and looking at other options for increasing production without compromising on the craftsmanship or exacting standards that the brand has been built on.

Early Days is delighted to have added some talented new employees to the team but, with very specific skills required at a high level, has not been able or willing to rush the process. Fortunately, the good relationship forged recently with another Leicester company has also allowed some operations to be subcontracted, a move that has already helped to boost output. The result will be seen more clearly over the coming weeks as, with everybody’s determined efforts, capacity is significantly higher and bottlenecks are cleared.

Early Days regrets the extended delivery dates that were necessary to meet the surge in demand and thanks all its customers, old and new, for their understanding. Any additional wait will have helped to ensure that every single pair of Alex shoes has been shown the same care and attention as those on Prince George’s feet.

The team at Early Days have just returned from the famous Kind + Jugend show in Germany.

Early Days is a regular exhibitor at the Cologne event, which always offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase its latest ranges, as well as classic favourites, and identify emerging trends from all around the globe.

Running from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th September 2014, Kind + Jugend is the leading international trade fair for the baby and toddler outfitting sector, known as an important industry meeting point, and with a reputation for promoting top quality brands and innovation. Last year, the event saw 21,200 visitors come through the doors over the four days, including buyers from all over the world. Early Days has forged some hugely valued working relationships at and through the show in the past, opening one of its largest ever accounts with a major overseas customer in 2012.

For 2014, Early Days is looking to build on the runaway success of the new Leather Collection, which incorporates the Alex shoe that has received such extensive media coverage since baby Prince George was seen wearing it in both navy and ecru.

At this years event, Early Days had the full Leather Collection and Christening range on show, together with a good selection of Baypods designs. The Baypods range continues to go from strength to strength, offering customers top quality shoes at very competitive prices, all made in the UK.

“We always look forward to this trade show, and the 2014 event didn’t disappoint, and although numbers were a little down the quality of the contacts we made were excellent. The show gives us a real opportunity to keep in touch with contacts from across the globe” explained Paul Boulton, MD at Early Days “During the event, we took some very strong orders from both new and existing customers, including substantial orders from existing customers for delivery Spring 2015”