Early Days have been manufacturing baby shoes in the UK for over 60 years.

Their latest “Leather Collection” is the result of years of shoemaking experience by the two brothers Tony and Michael Bolton the founders of the company back in 1952, both now long retired this expertise has been passed on to Michael Bolton’s two sons.

The process starts in the selection of using top grade Italian softee leathers. Each skin is examined carefully for weight, softness and any faults that may effect the finished shoes before being sent through to the cutting department.

The individual components are cut out of the leather skin using a Cutting Press and a strip knife
Once the uppers have been cut each component is split down to the optimum thickness to ensure each pair of finished shoes is completely uniform.

The uppers are then prepared for the closing room where skilled machinists sew around each component ensuring the edge stitching is tight to the edge without any variation.

Once the uppers have been closed the soles are meticulously stitched on to our exacting standards, a critical operation in ensuring perfect fitting.

Turning and lasting are where the shoes gain their unique shape. Skilled hand lasting, together with some carefully guarded secret operations developed by Early Days, ensures each pair of shoes has beautifully crisp rounded toes and heels.

Finally the shoes are fitted with their insoles and carefully examined for any defects before boxing and labelling.