Over the last 10 years there has been much talk of the demise of British manufacturing, and the trend to moving production to cheaper locations overseas. However this trend is now reversing with many companies now moving their production back to the UK.

Cheap overseas production may be OK for highly standardised mass production of commodity items, but when it comes to production process where quality control and consistency are key, having the production based locally to the market is a much better option. In fact, Michael Bolton & Sons (Manufacturers of Early Days shoes) have always bucked this trend, having manufactured their products in the UK continually since Tony & Michael Bolton started making shoes in Leicester in 1952.

With the UK now having a great reputation for the manufacture of high quality products, especially (and ironically) in rapidly growing markets like the Far East. The commitment to manufacture in the UK is now seen by the company as a key marketing message, and hence the display of the union Flag on every pair of shoes made by the company in the UK.