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Every Cloud! – New Production Facility For Earlydays
Tuesday 6th November 2018

In the early hours of June 26th 2017 came that phone call that anyone responsible for property dreads. “Could you come down please, there has been an incident at your building!”

The incident was a fire, started by faulty electrical equipment (A kettle to be precise). A blaze that ripped through Early Days production facility in Oadby, Leicester. Fortunately, being out of hours, the building was empty and no one was hurt. And whilst the fire services efficiently dealt the blaze, They did not manage to do this before it had destroyed, much of the factory.

But as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining and this was definitely true in the case here.

After a number of intense months for the Management at Early Days, and almost £300k investment. In November 2017, production started in the newly renovated facility that rose phoenix like from the ashes.

New Facility – New Opportunities

“When the fire struck we were actively developing new accounts across the globe” Explained Paul Bolton, MD at Early Days. “Looking back, whilst the fire gave us significant challenges in terms of maintaining relationships with our customers, the newly refurbished factory has delivered new opportunities & extra capacity to grow into the future.”

Before June 2017, expanding sales were starting to put pressure on the space available. But the fire gave the incentive to totally reconfigure the space. The layout is now more efficient with plenty of room for expansion when, as orders continue to grow on the back of further development of new markets in places like China and the Middle East.

“Its not just about space” continues Paul. “We have also now had the opportunity to invest in new machinery, giving us additional capabilities and allowing us to expand our product range.”

An example of this is the five figure investment in new embroidery machinery. Equipment that as well as expanding capacity, will also also the development of new products and services.

“Whilst I would not wish to relive the last 12 months” concludes Paul ” Early Days are definitely stronger for the experience, and well placed to meet the challenges ahead.